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Re: Newbies and the accessibility of Planetside 2

I have seen multiple people who are in the tech test and who are not PS1 vets saying "where is the combat" and "where is the teamwork".

Now, as for where the combat is, I'm not sure if I would want more notification than PS1 gives or not. Too much help from the game is bad.

As for where the teamwork is, the squad interface window, for example, has GOT to be very accessible. That's one of the things the people I've seen talking about it have said - where is the squad join button?

However, at the same time, there does need to be some kind of tutorial that sets expectations. A lot of the teamwork needs to be accomplished through VOIP coordination and NOT the game telling you exactly where to go, that needs to be communicated.

And they better figure this out or there's going to be a lot of hair pulling by people who want PS2 to be their savior from other games.
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