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Re: Newbies and the accessibility of Planetside 2

There is one thing also. As far as I know, the "Mission System" is not yet actually implemented. As far as "generic quests" go that would be the main way for people to learn what to do in the game, however it relies on people knowing the interface, and recognizing what they can do, and it doesn't do that much to really explain what is going on and why.

Perhaps one thing that could be done is putting a series of terminals in the footholds, that could be interacted with to give basic information and a list of available missions (as well as how to access that information on the fly).

That could help out players used to the idea of talking to NPCs to get a tutorial of sorts while actually being useful but not necessary to use.

(Also, for Vanu's sake, put in weapon locks inside WG. Even without considering new player confusion that would cut down on griefing and anti-fun "4th-Faction" strategies.)

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