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Re: Newbies and the accessibility of Planetside 2

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VR training and weapon locks in WG would go a long way to solve this. Of course you might need to have live weapons in the footholds so you can shoot your way out if you need to. If no weapon lock the at least no friendly fire in the WG.
I was thinking something in an instance of the VR chamber that starts by showing a player how to change classes, where the spawn points are and how to use them(ie, if you aren't close to them when you die they won't be available, if that's how it ends up working), points out the VOIP and other commands, shows you have to form a squad and invite others, and how to join and puts you in a squad of NPC placeholders(not necessarily AI, could just be inert NPCs standing there), puts you in an outfit that only exists in your instance of the tutorial, etc. Should last 10 minutes and run through all this quickly and basically touch on it all.
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