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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
The core of my hope for PS is no one class can take on infantry, vehicles, aircraft and MAXs all at the same time. Maybe choose two or one really well.
If your infantry can't take on MAXs and infantry at the same time i'll be sitting in a MAX waiting to chew everything up...... seriously people complained about MAXs when every grunt had some form of AV, you take that away and it'll be a MAX fest

I'm hoping the classes are along the lines of the; medic being an ADV med with MA, the eng being a CE with glue gun and MA, the grunt being able to heal/rep and HA MA AV sniper, the cloaker having pistols and hacking, and a pilot having MA and glue gun.

I honestly think taking the basic grunts ability to grunt away from him will destroy the game
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