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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by exLupo View Post
Any single unit that can realistically solo engage any other unit and not rely on anyone else to fix themselves up afterwards is a super soldier. Like I said. It's the de facto indoor build. The only one worth having if you aren't in a vehicle.

That's a problem.
So whats the grunt suppose to be able to do then? atm you seem to want it to be a guy with a HA weapon.

That's fine but in that case a medic shouldn't be allowed to shoot. Killing people is for a specialised grunt role, medics are for healing....

That obviously makes for bad gameplay, if a grunt can't heal, but a medic can still kill people everyone will just play medics and grunts are a dead class.

With a lower ttk and headshots with MA the gap between HA and MA is not going to be sufficient to justify making HA users worthless in every other sense
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