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Re: My main concern about the class system

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
So whats the grunt suppose to be able to do then? atm you seem to want it to be a guy with a HA weapon.

That's fine but in that case a medic shouldn't be allowed to shoot. Killing people is for a specialised grunt role, medics are for healing....
Rexo + HA, at one time, had your cert points getting thin. That doesn't mean A.Med + MA was impossible. I'm saying what I said I was saying.

One unit that can do everything is bad.
Cross unit inter-dependency is good.

PS1 had the second before launch. Now it has the former. Before launch, players had to depend on each other to perform tasks. Now they just depend on each other to shoot the same direction. The game has, and I hate to say this, been dumbed down. Multiple specializations does more for game diversity than the current two that PS1 has.

edit: Without having any idea how HA even functions in PS2, we can't begin to speculate about the MA/HA relationship.
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