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Vehicles: Shields

For me vehicles with shields felt a bit out of place with in Planetside, mostly because I was accustomed to not having shields at all.

When shields became available through an AMP facility, it felt it slowed down things a little bit and some times even tip the scales of balance in battle. People delayed going to the front lines, just so they could charge there shields on there vehicles, for it increased there staying power/survivability some what and you would have an edge over those who didn't have shields.

Some part of me, wishes Planetside 2 would not have any kind of shields on vehicles, for I felt it disrupted balance somewhat.

However I've to admit that when I drove around in a vehicle and it had a shield even if it was only charged up to 10% of capacity, it made driving more forgiving. Bumping in to another vehicle, rock or tree, a mild drop or even a single unexpected mine on the road. It took the edge of the first initial damage taken.

Nobody really liked showing up on the battle field while having sustained minor damage, because you just knew you became a more interesting target to be fired upon instead of the vehicle driving next to you.

So, whats your opinion on vehicle shields for Planetside 2?
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