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As others have said - there really is no guides or a "thing" that makes you better at FPS.

The good thing in Planetside is that you can succeed without being good at shooting people, as part of a team, a pilot, a driver, support, scouting, etc.

If aiming is one of your concerns: get a solid mouse from a well known brand, e.g. SteelSeries Senseis, Logitech MX518/G400, some like the RAT series (it's heavy, you'll have to get used to it) and stick with it forever. Never buy another make or brand and use it as much as possible.

Also: disable all aiming assistance and accelerations. You want direct translation of your movement to the game. At first, it'll feel harder and you might not be as "good" as you were before - don't change anything, just keep going. Because what helped you at first will eventually become your biggest problem (and halt any progress) as you get faster and more precise.

And last: if you're like me and like commanding people you will need battlefield awareness. Any game/mode in games that has A LOT of stuff going on at once is good training for that, like leading World of Warcraft (or any larger 20+ man) raids or if that's not an option then RTS games like Starcraft 2. You'll have to train your subconscious to pick up things that don't directly relate to you, e.g.: someone else standing in fire or the blip of a banshee on your minimap
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