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Originally Posted by adddemon View Post
i know that feel, i hate it too, makes me feel so helpless to try and get any better at the game.
That is also the strategy of upredictability. It's solid strategy! In fact it is all of strategy. Plan and no plan(technically do what the other guy does not. The no plan can be more likely to find a way around. Planning is trying to fill in as much or to concentrate a specific or if better complex task. It is then tested by if the actions go around from the no plan!). Nothing else really matters. You always win by doing what the other guy can't predict. there is nothing else to war!

Though in things like planetside being able to do basic strategies either directly or through intuition of the situation is helpfull. That comes out to basically just understanding the situation. We need to fire on this with x people to overcome him and not spend time healing or survive to continue going forward etc. Basicly action counter over and over. It's more complicated but I'm too tired to elaborate affectively. 8)

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