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Jax Blake
Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Uh wow are we really going into stealing TS conversations now, brings back my old eve online days, if the planetside 2 metagame is evolving into that then I can't effin wait because that's when things get interesting. If I had to guess that came from a disgruntled former merc who is a disgruntled former trg member, who is so bad at this game and so unwelcome in almost every TR outfit on the server worth a damn that he's resorting to this in order to feel good.

You can ask any MERC and they will tell you that you beat us, there is not a single person who is saying otherwise, the post that dreadnaught made actually cleared up a few things and reinforced some issues that I had and still have but not with your outfit.

My anger with this whole situation and my absolute disgust as shown in that sound clip has nothing to do with my outfit or yours (at this point in time) but with the producers of this event because for me they absolutely failed and have yet to directly address the issue at hand. As far as the flying stuff I don't fly and when flying is involved for MERCs then Snafu is the guy to talk to.

In the future if anyone wants to hear something from a MERC just come out and ask and we can talk, no need to steal and leak conversations, that's some punk bitch shit right there.
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