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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Coltorl View Post
Hey Noxous you there? Looks like he wants a challenge.
Really? That kid is the best you bring up? Really?
What sort of noob server is connery.

That kid is the name you bring up to fighter mattherson aces? That dude wouldnt be more than a medium pilot.
Hailstorm 10k kills , 25 % ACC 3.6 vehicle kills . LOL he farms infantry with his nosegun WOW , God tier pilot
The other 6k kills are lolpod kills so GG on his total of 18k kills.
Kid would get roflstomped.

@ Connerys best .
You guys are a bunch of whiner , you got destroyed you will get destroyed in MLG (if you dare to take part.) You called it stacking? I called it builiding a competive game. You feel cheated? We didnt break a rule , we didnt bring it guys from nuc or whatever outfit people think are the best pilots , we dont need to , our community has that pool of players if you dont that , well than you lose it is that simple.
You accuse us of going to hossin for ressource ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
hhahahaha oh man.
We are not a bunch of scrubs like you guys , we dont field masses of jokes in a mossie with tomcats in the air . We bring quality so we dont die as much as you , which ends in that we have more ressources than you , which leads to that you guys run out of ressources and we dont .
If you need to make that story up be my guest , add to the spawn beacon , they imbalance of the map and your inabilty to play good .
I already knew everything else than Mattherson is a joke , and shit like this makes me even more arrogant.

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