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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

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The best of mattherson beat 2 outfits from connery. An alliance of outfits fielded there best players and came to this competition disguised like they were all one outfit. The very best pilots from all factions and several outfits on mattherson got together and beat 2 individual outfits from connery. Really you guys shouldnt be so proud. Pride would have come with bringing your everyday outfit to this community clash.

No one was "proud" of that rape. Maybe you don't realize how bored out of our minds we were, literally the second round we were just in typical noob farming mode like I'm trying to hit BR100 on some double XP weekend.

Actually it was more boring than that because there were no aircraft for me to dogfight and I couldn't leave to sk33t across the map looking for other targets. I just had to sit there and hose you guys down 2 at a time as you guys came out the spawn room. SO EXCITING.

Like I said, grab all of connery's finest and see how they stack up to us. Doubt I'll be impressed though!

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