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Re: Community Clash Recording TXR and MERC vs NNG and TGWW

Originally Posted by Phrygen View Post
To be fair, Naterian and harvester basically asked for this in the last two pages of the thread, and the mattherson pilots including yourself have acknowledged that that all the best pilots on mattherson have grouped up together, despite being in multiple outfits on the different factions.
To a lot of the Mattherson air community, concepts like faction and outfit are moot. We play all over the place, regardless of tag. We share many Teamspeak servers freely, bouncing from one to the other as situation warrants. We'll play with or without outfit tags, it doesn't matter. We're a group. For RCCC, what was already an established relationship, was made formal by the addition of a few extra outfit tags that had previously been in place. We aimed to meet the technical and spirit of the rule, and did that.

If the complaint from these guys is that a lot of great pilots on Mattherson are playing together, and that is unfair, then there isn't much I can add. "Sorry." It isn't going to change.

Originally Posted by Phrygen View Post
As such, its not fair to sledgecrusher to call him out for wanting to see the elite pilots of mattherson play against the elite pilots of connery. That is the situation that has been created. Frankly i dont want to see the mattherson elite pilots scrim anyone else but NUC or FTC + friends. its not fair and boring to watch.
No, that's cool. I mean, I welcome it. A lot of our ESF pilots got fairly bored in the second round because we ran them out of resources and they had little left to do. sledgecrusher keeps alleging that we broke the rule, simply by gathering a bunch of pilots together. That we were not truly an outfit. I contest that statement. I'll acknowledge that we have a lot of the best pilots on the server, that is intentional. Recruiting efforts have been made for months to accomplish that. This was the first formal coming-together of everyone for a competitive event. And it won't be the last.
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