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In this case GaretJax is running away and scapping from what he started, also KingFeraligatr was seen talking with some hackers about important info, the worts thing here is that the leader of the STEAM PlanetSide Rements group (Docdic), was caught cheating in his main alt "Totheend" with a VIDEO PROVING that., also an other NC cheater wich King trade info or its part of that hackers team.

And of course, there is nothing to do.
At this point, I'm thinking it's the reverse. The hackers have agenda against several legit players and want to tear the community in two. What has been said against me and several other players I KNOW are legit is nothing short of bullshit. Docdic is not a hacker darkBerry. In fact, it makes sense one would want to implicate him because he is the leader of the PS1 Steam group. We don't need wild and untrue conspiracy theories. In fact berry, it is odd that your account was made just yesterday when Garet made his post (he also made an account just yesterday.... odd). You've done nothing but support him and you know when to respond to our posts. Not accusing of of being in league with them, but it is odd. What better way for the hackers to seize control than to turn ourselves against each other and deflect their actions on others.

No, I'm not a hacker. And while I sent /tells to them, they where purely hate /tells giving them shit for what they've done to the community. It serves to reason they want me out of the picture because I oppose them. None this means I hack, it's just using my head.
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