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Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
I made this account yesterday because I want to join at this disscussion of hackers that have double face, Explain me now King, in the video I shared, shows Totheend with an increased rate o fire, that is an evidence of a new accussing.
The conclussion here is, Docdic was cheating, we have a video proving it, now tell me how he could be innocent?

Again if no one have seen it,
Who says Docdic = totheend? Do you have proof they they're the same person? Did Docdic say he was totheend? It's not like me who showed all his characters and you can tell exactly who I am. Don't jump to these conclusions without solid proof or logical guessing. Because all I see is pointing fingers at innocent people with no solid base.

I get it. We've all had enough of ******'s gang of thugs. People are desperate to point fingers at others. I do it too. We all want the game and world to make sense and know who the bad people are. Except you're not doing solid research and fact checking. Many of us don't. I want you to stop screaming "hacker" at everyone unless you have conclusive proof. You can believe it in your head, no one can stop you there. But you need to stop making the community go in an uproar or indifference. A lot of us, myself included, need to work on not accusing everyone as hacker. This divided and toxic community is probably what the hackers want. We don't want the hackers to get what they want. So I ask you, me, and the rest of the legit community to stop being in a super panic attack. No one needs it.

Just being a voice of reason and using my head.
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