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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
We have 2 cheaters in the video, the main player with no reload cheat, wich keeps shooting while he is reloading with the punisher, and Totheend, there is a faster Sweeper sound, also if there is a model bug, why the other models are normal? Look the bullet spread, it is coordinated with the sound, also 3 TR were shooting him.

Sorry docdic, but totheend got caught.

1st. just because one model bugs out doesn't mean all models will bug out.
2nd. Sweepers don't have tracers
3rd. Planetside is a game with endless amounts of bugs. This could just be one of those unusual bugs that rarely sees the ligh
4th. This doesn't mean he wasn't ROFing, but he definitely wasn't rofing with the sweeper.

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