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Re: and PS1 Packet Capture

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
Do you know something about PS1 code structure?
In your game folder, you can find those or .fdx, since you open the launchpad, it check and replace archives, in correctly form. Try to replace a file yourself with the same name, etc, and the launchpad detect that file and replace instantly.
Yes. I do, not everything, but enough to have a vague understanding. This bug did not occur because someone replaced a file though and nor did I suggest that was the case.

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
So how a model bug becomes?
I have no idea how models bug occur, they just do (believe it or not, bugs can occur without knowing the steps to reproduce them). I have actually seen a bugs similar to this, as I said they're not particularly common. I didn't bother recording it because it wasn't all that important, only annoying.

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
Rofing a gun increased the Cone of fire, causing less damage, as you said it before No one have seen a similar model bug, if you have seen one, prove it.
Uhhh. ROFing doesn't affect the damage per shot on a weapon... No I said it wasn't a common bug, that's not even close to the same thing. Don't need too.

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
Your argument is invalid.

Originally Posted by darkBerry View Post
What about tracers? There was a Chaingun and no reload Punisher, adding a Thrumper finally.
You can see also a VS with the sweeper too, shooting normally, diferent as Totheend did.
Planetside 1 shotgun weapons do not have tracers, there were definitely tracers coming out of his sweeper implying fully that it was not actually a sweeper he was using but his MCG. A bug involving character models is not going to every model in the game, it will typically affect only the person who randomly repeated the steps necessary to cause the bug to occur.

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