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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Originally Posted by Holodoctor View Post
I, Holodoctor, will be in PS2 along with CimotaGH and BENNOO, all from the 5th Regiment.
We currently have some trouble reaching all our members, but we hope that we at least can also get our most regular players to join us in PS2. Those would most likely be Borderline, Angrymarine, 4n4lprincess and LadyAshlings.

I don't remember most names in here. But I remember AzK, Mastachief, IronMole and Figments.
Good to see members of my old outfit returning .... Tell me Is CimotaGH still dreaming of the 50 long Tank column!!
Message me if your starting up again heh

Ohh and watch out for IronMole if memory serves me right hes downright nasty with a boomer in his hands!!
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