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Re: Werner - Nostalgia

Originally Posted by BlazingSun View Post
I gave good old Planetside a try again today (last time I played was in 2007/2008). It was nice to see so many familiar names. The game itself was not so nice ... horrible lag, high ping, frequent crashes and incredible low FPS (Less than 20 FPS in combat? Really? The last time I played I had several hundred FPS ... seems like the switch from XP to Win7 makes all the difference). And man does it feel dated .. it's like a slap in your face going back to that after so many years.

That beeing said, it was still fun in strange way. I hope to see some more of you oldschoolers in the coming week.

PS.: Also what's up with this new SONY Launchpad? ... piece of garbage!
Welcome to my world of PS gaming on Win 7! I seem to get no more than 70fps on an empty cont and normally around 10-15fps in a fight.

WinXP is a god send for PS but the whole OS switching etc isn't worth it.

PS2 couldn't come quick enough tbh.
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