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Darklight is fine, the problem is the role that cloakers have. They should not be something you want in a big firefight except for what they're capable of doing now. There really isn't a lot of room for stealth in this game aside from stuff like hacking, boomering, and scouting. Until there is a valuable role for cloakers to fill, they will always seem secondary and ineffective, because they are secondary and ineffective.

Personally, I think there should be areas around the bases that are hackable and control different things, like hacking panels near phalanx turrets that, when hacked, disable them temporarily. Or things that can knock out lattice benefits for a couple minutes, or vehicle terminals, or base power (albeit very briefly). There has to be more that capitalizes on stealth, so that cloakers can contribute to a battle without forcing grunts to fight invisible shit that just strafes around them holding down the fire button for their AMP. Give them a real role and they'll be fine.
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