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Originally Posted by Real Mulambo
I think the cloakers should just stop whining.

I use DL and don't flicker unless suspicions aroused.
I get killed by plenty cloakers and I kill plenty to.
Hang on.........does that mean...................No..surely not..........balanced?
1) We are not whining. We are complaining.
2) We are not assholes, you nooblet.
3) It all depends on if you think "Balanced" Is. someone flicking on darklight out of randomness, just seeing you, then flicking it on again, then blasting your unarmed self with HA. I mean its hard enough to be an infiltraitor without People beingn able to use Darklight. That is not balanced or fair. And dont tell me it never happends, because it happends about 2 times a day.

As I said before, I am a good cloaker, but I just dont have time to pull out a jammer (If I even have one, because REK + ACEx2 + Pistol + Ammo takes up all of my inventory), and hit the guy within the 3 seconds it takes to A) Realize he had DL on. then B) Actually throw the grenade at him. All before he takes those shots.

Now, I usually find myself running away, and placing boomers/spitfires behind me, and I usually win. Unfortunately, I am of low rank right now And all I have IS darklight. Yes, I have Darklight. Ironic eh? Well I have it for a good reason. Other cloakers. They make me paranoid. But, If I see a cloaker sitting there Afk, and I flash on DL, I do not kill him. I just leave him alone, only for one of my own to DL flash him and fill him full of JH shells.

When did I say Rexo's are noobs? I never said that. I said that the Rexo flasher who "owns" you with his Lasher or MCG or JH and calls you a "Noob" and sends you /tells like "Pwned man! You noob! Wow you suck! Must be your unlucky day! OMFG I OWN!" Is a noob. And deserves to be wiped off the face of Auraxis, ishudar, oshur, searhus, and all the new stupid planets. They need to go play halo so that I can own them with my pistol.

Now I get idiotic tells like that almost everytime I am HA pwned by a Rexo. But what do they say when I own a fully healthy Rexo who has Darklight with my Magscatter? The whine. "Cloakers are overpowered" Then they go to the Devs, whine, whine, whine, whine some more, and eventually cloaking becomes less and less appealing.

My point, is to offer a solution, that I thought was pretty reasonable. I especially like that with "advanced stealthing" They DL user has to have DL focused on you for 4-5 seconds to fully see you. That would solve DL flashing. That would balance.

Another thing that just came to my attention yesterday, is that Alot of cloakers DO whine. I saw a cloaker from about 1000 yds away when he was being a stupid idiot and running while throwing grenades, and I snuck up to him, knifed him without the implant, then recieved hate tells until I reported him and added him to my fairly lengthy ignore list. some Newbish cloakers DO complain. But the fact that I saw him from 1000 yds away needs to be fixed. I dont see how that is fair.

BlaH BlaH BlaH BlaH you can call me a whiner but I think I am quite the opposite. Please post comments realating to the original post.

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