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Originally Posted by Cauldron Borne
Like i said before:

Get rid of DLV 3rd Person (it IS an EYE implant) and flickering (c'mon, i can't even turn on/off adv regen that fast). Do this, and the good cloakers will be happy. If you have to leave DLV on for even THREE SECONDS or maybe FIVE then it will at least have a negative side to it's use.

I've cloaked full time since release. I've had CE since before release. I can get 4-5 kills on a life while cloaking, but i still find it annoying that people randomly flicker DLV as they walk through the halls. I can speak from experience. It does happen. It doesn't happen a lot, but it does. And EVERYONE (or almost everyone) uses the 3rd person dlv thing. kinda lame that you can use an eye implant in third person.
Amen. But you dont think that this would help at all? It sure would add a negative to Darklight, without touching it. And it would also make to role of an infiltrator more appeling.
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