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Originally Posted by Warborn
Darklight is fine, the problem is the role that cloakers have. They should not be something you want in a big firefight except for what they're capable of doing now. There really isn't a lot of room for stealth in this game aside from stuff like hacking, boomering, and scouting. Until there is a valuable role for cloakers to fill, they will always seem secondary and ineffective, because they are secondary and ineffective.
My best run was 74 kills before I got taken out, using ACEs (spitfires only, no boomers), a knife and looted pistols and never once returning to base for healing or inventory. All outside the same tower, all within 45 minutes. The run was actually ended by Jaged. This was before a lot of the bugginess we currently experience. Tell me again about a cloaker's role. A cloaker's role is whatever niche they find, and that doesn't necessarily = constant support or hacking. I do those things, they are a part of what I do. I don't feel secondary or ineffective except when I see the issues in the game that need addressing which are ignored by Devs. Talking about the 'role' of a cloaker comes across as incredibly ill informed. Maybe you should talk to Boomer, he's in your outfit.

Originally Posted by Real Mulambo
I think the cloakers should just stop whining.

I use DL and don't flicker unless suspicions aroused.
I get killed by plenty cloakers and I kill plenty to.
Hang on.........does that mean...................No..surely not..........balanced?
You are such an asshat. Seriously. So far from you I've seen nothing but gameplay ideas, and then insults when people don't embrace them. If you think it's balanced, I know something's wrong.

Originally Posted by Sputty

Seriously, it's not hard to throw a jammer or two in before you run in
Must we address that again? Inventory space = premium. We have 1 holster slot and switching to jammer will often take too long to be realistic. We can't afford to waste a 3x3 spot for a 2x2 piece of inventory. Want to give us another holster slot? Then we'll talk.
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