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Originally Posted by Madcow
My best run was 74 kills before I got taken out, using ACEs (spitfires only, no boomers), a knife and looted pistols and never once returning to base for healing or inventory. All outside the same tower, all within 45 minutes. The run was actually ended by Jaged. This was before a lot of the bugginess we currently experience. Tell me again about a cloaker's role. A cloaker's role is whatever niche they find, and that doesn't necessarily = constant support or hacking. I do those things, they are a part of what I do. I don't feel secondary or ineffective except when I see the issues in the game that need addressing which are ignored by Devs. Talking about the 'role' of a cloaker comes across as incredibly ill informed. Maybe you should talk to Boomer, he's in your outfit.
Well, I Dont cloak that much anymore with my Main, which is BoomerTR. I am starting to hate the Enclave more and more. But they are one of the only outfits that does organized Gal drops like every one should.

As for most kills, hmmm. Probable 134 killd on test, when I was mining a tower on extinction. I looted the Beamer (best pistol in teh w0rld!!!111) and used it to get about 30 kills from on top of the mountain, (Which I got up using surge, so noone could get up there to kill me.) Then I just used plasma grenades. I escaped All the Dl users, Killed about 60 Rexos, 15 cloakers, and about 5 magriders and Prowlers. Then I went and camped the WG, chased enemies out of it, knifed them. I hacked about 5 enemy vehicles, not including the 6 AMS's I hacked, then decon'd. i think I got the most kills form my mines, but The only reason I did was because I lowered their health with the beamer / grenades.

I will loot a beamer any day. Better then the repeater IMO.
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