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I love both the Beamer and Repeater, but mostly because when you use them against their own armies they go unnoticed. I used to love the MagScatter, but since all the rexo changes and incentive changes it's just not as effective as it used to be.
I use ACEs for spitfires more than anything else. The spitfire is great to get kills if you have interlink, otherwise it's perfect for distracting your prey long enough to knife them. The vast majority of my kills are with the knife. I actually had one guy bitch at me for using melee boost because it wasn't fair (he'd killed me using Dark Light in a random flicker earlier). I responded that I used a weapon which was loud enough to give away my position and that I still needed to hit him twice from point blank range, so maybe he should rethink what was fair.

The Enclave's gal drops are very nice. It sure beats the hell out of the complete disorganization that all of NC has had the last few nights.
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