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Question Can SOE confirm a cinematic for Planetside 2?

Hi all,

I have just recently seen this cinematic for FireFall, and it immediately made me ask the question, has/or will SOE be doing one for Planetside 2?

This video has been seen 400,000 times, and that's some big numbers. Now personally I don't like FireFall as I have played the beta and I truly believe Planetside 2 will be 200 times better for FPS and MMO gamers in every way.

So, will SOE being doing a cinematic, or will it be an in game trailer, or will it be up to the community to make videos?. Either way I'm cool, but a heads up would be nice so we can get prepared. I'm not sure the budget for PS2 is the same as FF, but I do know you already have won the design race. Now its the advertising war you must win to pull in the users.

I know videos like this are not a representation of game play, but they are good for getting potential users imaginations going, and that at the end of the day is why we play games. To use our imagination.

The FF Video:

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