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Originally posted by MiniOrca
cant really tell that for sure unless you are a beta tester but then youll be violating your NDA. Right now tho i think we can make the assumption tht NC and TR AI maxs are just about equal

No, Im not beta
I seriously think that when you are only doing 1-2 armor pts per shot your gonna HAVE to be locked to compete with somebody doing 40-50 with each shot. You need a firing rate of 25-50X faster then the NC. And you have to either get through his shield (1/2 his fire rate, so 12-25X now) or face his full fury before he takes you out.

Course, TR locked might get enough fire rate to compensate.

Mostly will depend on how good the NCs aim is. If he only hits the TR 50% of the time you can consentrate on hitting him instead of just S&P and likely win. But when locked he aint gonna be missing too much.

+ and - for all strategies as SJ has said constantly.
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