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Re: New Patch Notes - Test Server 13-06-13

Originally Posted by Assist View Post
Those ZoE changes are a joke right?

Just change ZoE so it says "8 seconds of blinking light" and remove all the pros/cons of it. That'll be better than the shit you're coming up with SoE.

Please hire someone that knows how to balance, that type of change should never have made it to the patch notes for the test.
get over it man!

this is a multiplayer game, so vs can´t have all the overpowered stuff. that would be no fun for the other players.
but vs players don´t seem to understand this.. yeah, technology equals might. so gimme ma overpowered stuff, i deserve it!

go and play serious sam, if you need to mow down hordes of enemies on your own!
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