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Originally Posted by Whiteagle View Post
Yeah, I can understand the reasoning BEHIND the change, but as it is the shield might as well not be there!

Right now you just have the teleporter and a killzone, you are just going to have a single attacker camp that exit and completely negate it as a means of moving to ground level while under attack.

What I would do is consolidate the Vehicle Balcony stairs into a single staircase, put the teleporter under that, and have shielded exits into two Infantry tunnels running from either side of stairs to the outside.

BAM, now we've got a safer exit for defenders but they can't abuse it to camp attackers!
You can't be lazy with this sort of thing though, you have to be willing to do more remodeling then switching where the shield is, else you end up with shitty open sheds and set pieces instead of fuctional shooter maps...
The point of defending a base is to stop the enemy from getting inside the base. Once the attackers get inside the main tower the defenders already lost a LOT of ground from not defending the entire base and shouldn't have an easy time to get them out. Once attackers get inside a base they can use the defenders own cover against them and have earned to right to do so.

It's cheap as hell for 2-3 defenders to camp behind those shields and stop any vehicles from being able to use an entire side of the tower and the main vehicle bay. You can't go anywhere around those shields with anything without counter camping them. Those shields on a tower give spawn safety abusers 5 places to camp from. Tower top, balcony, 3rd floor doors, main bay, and the back yard.

Limiting the ground floor camping is a good thing if you ask me. Defenders will still have 4 spawn exits to use in safety. Top, balcony, 3rd floor, and now just a single door on ground floor.

You're not defending a base if you let attackers in the base.
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