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Re: Adam Clegg @Arclegger talks Weapons

About time they decide to fix Decoy Nades, just a very late bug fix.
Radar Flash getting nerfed to make the Motion Sensor viable?

New suit slot to show up explosives is laughable, who in their right mind would ever wear that.

Vehicle Hacking, read elsewhere they reckon it would take a month to implement this or they could use the month to do 100 other things.
I know that I'd prefer Vehicle Hacking over the 100 variations of what we already have anyday.

Bolt Action scoped reload, its not what you get, its what you have to give up to get it.

Recon Drone, MAV from BF3 anyone, this drone idea sounds exactly the same. Wonder if they'll make the same mistakes.

Sunderer Radar? the pissy 30m proximity will get an upgrade to 100m range or maybe we'll have to fully cert into another line to get a useful variation.

No creativity imo.
Or when there is, its too hard to do or will take too long.
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