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Re: Test Server Update October 23, 2013 4 PM PST: OMFG Patch

Originally Posted by VaderShake View Post
This was in the guy who did the concept stuff for PS2 from his Deviant Art page.

Link to his page:
So it is for the drone then.

Originally Posted by Jaybonaut View Post
The only issue I have is with shield/class skill/health bars, the rest of the ui changes are ok, unless you count the infiltrator darts on the minimap because those seem to be broken.

In regular non-centralized HUD mode, it is too hard to use your peripheral vision to keep track now because the line thickness isn't consistent for those bars.

In centralized HUD mode, I would like the bars to not fade at the ends because it is too difficult to see.
Agreed. I don't know why they wanted to go with a more stylized approach to the bars. Might be that they had to go away from the previous style completely because of UI optimization or that they just wanted the new design to have a more futuristic style to it.
I've always preferred simple bars that are easy to see at all times.

I kinda like the new enemy kill notification, although I do not like the glare behind it. I find it to be too distracting.
Not sure about the kill feed yet.
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