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PlanetSide 1 Weekend July 15-17!

On July 15-17, there will be a large gathering on PlanetSide 1 for a weekend event happening. Last event, on April 8-10, we pulled in 100 players at peak, and hit an Orange Alert at Bel on Forseral. This event, I hope that we are able to reach a Red Alert, and have over 100 players online. Here’s a couple screenshots of the last event.

What about the hackers?

Hackers will be nonexistent this event. Hackers have stopped coming to PlanetSide lately. Furthermore, anti hack tools have been created and will be able to repel any hackers that decide to show up.


Discord is a IRC/Voice combination that is available as a browser based app with an optional download with additional features. The PSForever Discord server will serve as the public chat room for text discussion about the event and for voice chat before/during the event. There is a consistent 30-40 active PS1 players online here, it’s definitely worth checking out. Additionally, you can report cheaters here using the !report <NameOfHacker-Faction Reason> command.
Invite link:


You can download PlanetSide 1 from this link:

You can login using your existing Daybreak Games account. If you don’t have one, you can create one for free!

The PlanetSide 1 subreddit, /r/planetside1

A bit off topic, but there is now a dedicated PS1 subreddit for strictly PS1. Have a look, and get some discussion going!

Hope to see you there! Feel free to post any questions, comments, or anything regarding PlanetSide 1 below.
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