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I really wish people would understand that the more people you educate, the higher job requirements get. You aren't helping anyone but Sallie Mae. They get tons of money from students buying degrees to get jobs their fathers could get with a 5 minute interview and a GED.

The more education you have, the less education is worth. Knowledge works just like currency... because knowledge is currency.

Associate's Degrees are actually bad for you now, employers just assume you were too lazy to get a Bachelor's.

Giving everyone a college degree just means that McDonald's and Wal-Mart will require a college degree, while the company you got the degree for, only wants the guy with a PhD and six years internship experience.

There are tons of jobs that don't require any real education to do, but someone has to do them.

Education /= Wealth

Anyone can be a millionaire in a matter of years if they have the willpower and discipline to make it happen... even if they work for minimum wage.
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