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Re: Slavery IS Legal in America

It costs less to put someone through college for a year than prison.

Imo, anyone who goes to prison for more than 4 years can get out in 4 if they get a degree. 1st offense, ofc. 2nd, you had your chance.

Another thing that needs to change is the felony being on your record forever. Once you're out of prison, you've paid your debt, and deserve a chance to start over fresh. A felony record makes it very difficult to get a job. Employers will just toss your resume unless you've got some good connections or very in demand skills. It just becomes a self perpetuating cycle.

Frankly, we just hand out prison far, far too readily and for much too long. Prison should be reserved for violent offenders that are a threat to the safety of others ONLY. Murderers, rapists, assault, armed robbery, etc. People that did something bad, but didn't hurt anyone else? Probation only, and if they persist, at worst sent to a penal colony like Bastoy Prison, where they are segregated from society, not treated like animals.
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