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Re: Slavery IS Legal in America

Originally Posted by CutterJohn View Post
Frankly, we just hand out prison far, far too readily and for much too long. Prison should be reserved for violent offenders that are a threat to the safety of others ONLY. Murderers, rapists, assault, armed robbery, etc. People that did something bad, but didn't hurt anyone else? Probation only, and if they persist, at worst sent to a penal colony like Bastoy Prison, where they are segregated from society, not treated like animals.
Ah, but you see, these private prisons rely on having a booming population of inmates to make money off of their forced labour and general fees associated with their incarceration. There is a powerful lobby in the US which seeks to keep the War on Drugs and its associated non-violent prison sentences going as long as possible.

Originally Posted by Effective View Post
Now, some punishments can be overly harsh, yes, but depending on what they did to put themselves in prison, I may not honestly care all that much.

Child molesters and people who murder in cold blood should be treated like the animals in my opinion.
Congratulations on having a shit opinion, I guess?
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