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Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
You know what racial profiling boils down to? Racism. I'd rather like to eradicate that within this country, but thanks.
Let's be real, here. How many of the 9/11 hijackers were white? How many were black? How many were American? Who's consistently blown up or hijacked airplanes around the world since the 60s? You can sing us a big fucking song and dance about how we shouldn't profile Arabs or Middle Easterners, but that's fucking stupid. If the shoe fits, wear it. And you're fucking kidding yourself if you think the TSA doesn't racially profile. I can't even tell you the number of Arabs and Semitic-looking people that I've seen pulled off to the side.

After 9/11, everything sharp (including nail clippers and tweezers) was banned. Ever since the Shoe Bomber tried and failed to light his loafers on fire, airports require us to take off our shoes. Ever since the Underwear Bomber tried to light his drawers on fire, we've had porn scanners. British authorities rounded up terrorists who planned to bring liquid explosives on board, and we've all been prohibited from carrying shampoo and toothpaste through ever since. Yet nobody uses the same method twice. TSA doesn't screen like The Minority Report. They don't have a time machine. They screen based on what happened in the past.

I'd rather like to have an effective security agency within this country, but thanks. YOU can stand in front of a scanner and let the little guards laugh at your small pee-pee. YOU can have some fat old white guy stick a hand down your pants. YOU can have some fat old white guy stick his hand down your wife's pants. YOU can have some fat old black guy stick his hand down your toddler's pants. The last time I checked, women and little toddlers weren't bombing planes, weren't being used to smuggle bombs or guns, and they weren't hijacking planes.

That's when their fucking job actually works according to standard. Let's see... TSA's success rate versus Israel's success rate... when it comes to the safety of my family and my country, I think I'll take Israel, but thanks.

Originally Posted by p0intman View Post
If you meet the criteria to be considered a member of a certain, specific ethnic group, you're turned away more or less even if completely innocent. That also applies even if you're not a member of said, specific enthic group. You just have to appear to be to the screening staff. So even user error is prone to causing problems.
I can see you have limited knowledge of how the procedures work. Is profiling part of it? Yes. Is it racial? Maybe if you're stupid enough to call it that. Is it error prone? That depends on whether you're an Israeli airplane that hasn't been hijacked or used as a terror weapon, or a guy trying to get on a plane.

Since you have virtually no idea what you're talking about, I'm going to help you out. I can only help you with the unclassified bits - rumour has it there are a number of classified aspects that nobody talks about. Let's start with the airport itself. Their airport perimeters are secure. Not like ours. Theirs are practically fortified. There are also unmanned remote-control vehicles patrolling the perimeter and they have armed interdiction teams if anyone smuggles anything through.

All cars are stopped for a security check by armed guards. Cameras scan license plates to match them with an international database of suspicious vehicles. There are over 700 cameras at any airport. And just in case anyone decides to get crazy like the dudes in Britain, Israeli airports are hardened against explosions right down to the glass and the trash cans.

Now on to the profiling. I'm curious what sort of ***-hating bullshit you've read that says Israel racially profiles. In case you hadn't noticed, Israel is full of people who generally look similar. Israeli Arabs usually zip through airline security. Even Palestinians zip through if they don't have trigger issues.

On the subject of trigger issues: ever been to Israel? My guess is no, otherwise you wouldn't be making stupid fucking statements about racial profiling. I'm a white Jewish American. My passport has a number of stamps that set off alarm bells (Kuwait, Saudi, Iraq, Pakistan). Their profile triggers include suspicious activity and passport stamps. Being Palestinian doesn't really have anything to do with it, unless you're a Palestinian associated with any of their unsavoury elements. And really, anyone who associates with known criminal elements is a flag.

I got dinged. I'll tell you how it went. A number of security people approached me. They started asking me rapid-fire questions. Why did I have such passport stamps? Recite back the info on my passport. What colour shirt am I wearing in my passport photo? Their questions, sometimes, aren't even predictable or relevant. They're designed that way because fake stories are usually going to collapse after surface examination. These are people who have this down to a psychological art. There are a number of ways to tell when someone is lying - facial ticks, and most importantly their own stupidity. Wanna know why OJ won? Because he didn't testify. Quickest way to fuck yourself is to run your mouth when you don't have everything squared away. Even I stumbled just a bit, and it wasn't until I showed my military ID that I was basically moved to the front of the line as a sort of apology for holding me up. Guess who made it ahead of me? Quite a number of Palestinians.

How many terror incidents have the Israelis had? A helluva lot fewer than ours. How many security failures have they had? A helluva lot fewer than ours. So do we want a system that is cumbersome and doesn't work? Or do we want one that works?

Next time, get your fucking facts straight, by the way.
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