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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I don't have any interest in Israel beyond its ongoing apartheid.

Why are you making me to do this?

First picture: I will not lie to you (because I am totally a poopy Palestinian hater and stuffs, ya know), this image is real. Now, before you sadomise me with a stick, let me tell you this: The guy on he picture is a Jewish extremists, the one who believes that god (at least the horribly mutated version of him) is better then logic (those are like less then 0.002% of the Jewish population). You see, those are the extremist jackasses who create the problem of the illegal settlements and who are constantly in an aggressiveness conflict with Palestinians. I hate them too. Most of us think that they are out of their minds and they need to be tied on a leash.
They are put in prison for such things all the time.
Saying their actions represent the Israeli ideology, or it's government is as stupid as saying that Obama is racist because there is KKK in the USA.

Second picture:
Yes this is a real picture that an Israeli soldier has uploaded to her facebook account with the phrase "the good old days" which was of course sarcastic.
Basically those were Palestinian prisoners (you have those too, but those are Canadians. I know it is hard to believe it, but such a thing exists not only in Israel) and she took a picture with them after they were arrested for assistance in terror actions. Needless to say this childish action was immediately disapproved by any Israeli with a head on his shoulders (including me), and the media crucified her. Sadly, she was not actually judged for anything because she has not disobeyed any law.
Why do I know this? because this was on the news for over an year in here.
BTW there are allot of those that were made by US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq too, what can I say, dumb people are all over the world. If the actions of one dumb Israeli make me a nazi, I am truly sorry.

Third picture: thanks god for google images, saved me allot of time with this one:

Fourth image: See Picture number one.

Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I don't have any interest in Israel beyond its ongoing apartheid.
This was not requested directly from you, but from all of those who take part in this thread. If that is the way you feel, don't state it like it will make you to grow a 3rd testicle because you sound like a total douche bag like that.
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