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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
I didn't.

If the KKK goes out and does this kind of stuff to people in the USA they get picked up by the police. There's a difference between having some kind of hardline assholes in the country, and tolerating said assholes' bullshit. Once upon a time the KKK, like the settlers, were able to get away with doing illegal stuff as well because the authorities didn't care or even tacitly condoned their activities. But then people decided that maybe treating dark-skinned Americans like shit wasn't such a cool thing to do.

I didn't call you a Nazi.

When these pictures came out the general consensus seemed to be, by Palestinians, that this was typical and indicative of the sort of treatment they endure on a regular basis. This woman was dumb enough to post pictures of it on public space, but how many more took similar or worse pictures and kept them private? It's not about this former IDF soldier, it's about the problem this represents as a whole.

And the government/military simply expressing their disapproval of the pictures and taking no steps to curb this kind of behaviour at all doesn't really amount to anything.

So the cutting-edge reporting team at aren't convinced the picture is legit, although they have no proof to the contrary, they just think it looks suspicious. I think you need to reconsider what you consider a valuable source of information. It's not like this would be the first missile fired at Palestinian children. Hundreds of children have been killed or wounded by Israeli forces in the last decade.

Why would that make me sound like a douche bag? I'm not Jewish and I live across the world from Israel. Would you say you are particularly interested in Canada? Unless you have relatives here or if there are some of our own crimes (like how we treat our First Nations population) have caught your eye, why would you? It's not meant to be offensive, it's just that Israel is not very significant to non-**** except for how it interacts with the Palestinians and, I guess, the arabs at large.
1. Those assholes do get picked off by the police.

2. Yes I am completely aware that you have not called me a nazi. What I meant is that you are trying to imply that one mans action represent the actions of all of us. I have expressed my self in a dumb way, and thus I am sorry. And this is not typical behavior. Perhaps a very uncommon one.
Also, what else can they do but expressing their disapproval? She really did not violate any law at all. The same thing would happened in Canada if such did would occur.
3. Clearly you have not read the article. They have cutting evidence that the picture is fake. Try actually reading the article until the end.

About your non-interest in Israel. I'l have to agree with you. If not for the shitstorms we would be on the news only like only 5% of the time (probably less) we are now. But who would not. I can't remember the last time I heard about Canada on the news.

Also, I am perfectly aware that this was not supposed to be offensive. A nicer way of saying the things would be better. "I am sorry but in my opinion the Israeli occupation and stuffs is the most important theme right now, and thus I would much rather prefer to concentrate on it only.
Of course you don't have to say it like an A class gentleman and it could be much shorter, but your way of expressing it reminded me of the term "fuck off". It's probably just me though. So yeh another broken way of expression by me. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Neurotoxin View Post
I wish I could find the photo of the Palestinian boy tied to the hood of an Israeli jeep. Oh wait: Funny thing in that article, they are being treated this way as they protest Israel worming its territory into remaining Palestinian land, back in 2004. Just like in America, the people coming from a position of authority or power are often overzealous and brutal in their methods of trying to "control" the people they are oppressing.

Seriously though, MightyMan, go get me a photograph of an IDF poster on the Palestine side of the Apartheid walls. Make sure a soldier sees you take the picture. Photograph the soldier too. It may be a bit of a cultural experience for you, or you might be shot dead, it'll be an adventure either way.
First paragraph: Yes it happened. Yes they were sent to prison. No it does not happen all the time and does not represent a common way of controlling such protests. No, the fact that it is a protest does not mean it is against an actual issue. If it would be, Israels balls would be cut off by the UN right away. In all of the history of the country, Palestinian territories were never taken by the government or any kind of sane citizen. The only one who try to claim those lands are individuals from the more extremist orthodox *** who are a very little per cent of the Jewish population (less the 0.001%) in Israel. They build illegal settlements, and those are constantly removed by the Israeli government. So it is an actual issue, but saying that it is done by Israelis in common is not true.

Second paragraph:
You have already talked about this, and I have already replied this.
I think it is like on the second or 3rd page.
What happened? Running out of accusations?

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