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Re: Matt Higby doing a Q&A at reddit!

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
One man army is hyperbole, an exaguration. "No Important Weaknesses" is what I would say. In PS1 you could bypass or counter everything as the "One Grunt". There were many kinds of grunts, cloaker grunts, greybie grunts, MAX grunts, n00b grunts. One Grunt to beat them all, and in the darkness, rape them in the basement.

They appear to be breaking that up and forcing you to make a choice which is going to be more fun for the majority of the player base.
IMO Hyperbole doesn't have much place in intelligent debates. How is someone supposed to take you seriously - or even know what your stance is - if you keep exaggerating things all the time? IMO it should be largely confined to the realm of political rallies and religious revivals. Hyperbolically speaking, of course...

I have no issue with making us choose between more distinct roles. I fear that they may be segregating things too much, though.

Originally Posted by Redshift View Post
i just hope they don't make it all rock paper scissors which is where it sounds like it's going, i.e meet a max as AI grunt zero chance. meet an AI grunt as an AV grunt zero chance
That is a fear I have as well. I'm hoping that the faster TTK's will help alleviate this somewhat, though. And hopefully this time around AP ammo will actually be useful on a weapon besides HA or the Sweeper...

Originally Posted by Aractain View Post
Humm I just (like right now) realised something. PS1 had "Bloodscreen, so real".

Since everyone had medical and engy they got hurt, got behind cover and regenrated their health. That is the same system as COD, get hurt, stop being hit for several seconds and regenerate health.

Can't belive I never saw that before lol.
Hehe, I didn't catch that either. But now that I've heard that healing/repping will be limited to just the medic and engie class, I think I'd prefer a bloodscreen to what we're getting.

I've started playing COD2 again on occasion, and I find that BSSR certainly keeps the flow of battle moving since you don't have to stop and take cover to regen. You can advance, flank, and even fight while recovering. It certainly keeps things at a high pace.

Originally Posted by GTGD View Post
I'm a fan of having the ability to self heal/repair. The fact of the matter is, if you need to sacrifice firepower for the ability to heal/repair, there is going to be a severe shortage of support. Not all FPS players are so self-sacrificing for the good of the team. Just look at the zerg, the only reason they even cert it is because it helps them zerg better.

I also don't think it is going to slow down gameplay. They said the TTK is going to be quicker, and if you're in the middle of a fight, you probably won't be able to run and heal until after the shots stop. There won't be this "running up and down a stairway" crap.
Agreed. Even with the freeform cert system, when BR20 was the cap support certs were relatively rare and usually took the back seat to combat certs. It's one of the reasons I grabbed Adv Hacking early on, since I kept finding myself in hacked bases with no hackers around to open up the terms...

And I see the lack of self-heal/repair slowing things down for many people as they constantly go back to the nearest term for medkits and armour swaps or hanging back and VNR/VNM'ing until someone gives them a bandaid and some duct tape.

Originally Posted by Sirisian View Post
This is exactly why I like healing/reparing. I'm a big proponent of complex holstering delays (especially large 5-10 second inventory to holster delays) and holstering choices. If you have like 10 different "pistol" slot devices or weapons it varies people's priorities especially between classes. Medics might have two pistol holsters and bonuses for their medical applicators whereas a non-medic might heal slowly. Same would be true for repairing. Running back and healing/repairing for a non-medic/non-engineer should be a slower operation basically.

If the game only has a few choices for holsters then it becomes more of a problem. Imagine if your MA rifle has a long reload and you have two holsters. Do you want med/eng or a pistol. (This is especially true if the game gets rid of any inventory). If players have a lot of useful choices with advantages/disadvantages it's better without directly removing choices because a class exists. The class medic/engineer have a lot more abilities than healing/repairing.
Agreed on all counts. Too bad they seem to be going down the route of removing choices.
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