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Re: Santorum Drops Out

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Government-funding private businesses (the "green" work he's done, like Solyndra and other failures)

Well that is incentives to get those businesses going. We aren't going to be able to use fossil fuels forever, so it has to get kick started somehow. We're a super power, rather stupid we import so much oil from over seas isn't it?

Re-distribution of wealth from the wealthy to the not-so-wealthy

Explain more please? I fail to see where Obama has done this thus far in his first term. He didn't even let the Bush tax cuts expire.

Forcing Americans to buy a service (health care, which is likely to be struck down by Supreme Court)

Hot button issue yes. Although action is needed to slow down and reverse health spending. Thats the point of the health care reform. Besides you are already paying for services via the government. There isn't a major difference with health care if this is enforced. I can't say I agree with this being the method to fix all this though.

Continued bailouts (the "stimulus")

The majority of those bailouts prevented even further economic collapse. Do you have any major understanding of how Macroeconomic policies put in place by government/fed help the economy?

Increased government spending

This isn't going away until the economy is back to normal. Feel free to slash everything have a balanced budget. You will easily see economic collapse that makes the recent one look small.

Wrong direction.
Like I said before. This isn't socialism at all.
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