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Re: GTX460 sli for $130 or a single card

Originally Posted by Knocky View Post
I thought SLI would only increase performance about 50%. It will double it?
For raw GPU power, SLI frequently achieves around 85-95% efficiency now (with similar numbers for Crossfire).

The question is simply whether your CPU horsepower will bottleneck your actual performance before you hit that cap.

The higher your resolution, the less likely your CPU is to bottleneck performance before your GPU does. Thus, you'll see closer to the ideal performance boosts (percentage-wise) when you're already running at high resolutions.

Remember: you can tell you're CPU bottlenecked when increasing resolution doesn't slow down your framerate; this is because rendering more pixels is (occasionally "almost") purely a GPU operation.

Conversely, if you want to see how high a framerate your CPU can support (before bottlenecking your system), turn all your resolutions way down and see how fast it can push performance while your GPU has little or nothing of significance to do.
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