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Re: Common theme amongst Planetside 2 dev's

Originally Posted by xSquirtle View Post
Looking at the dev profiles, posted on Nearly all stated about their journey of how they obtained their position. "I started from the bottom and worked my way up." More or less they where also down on their luck.

So for all you would-be game developer's. Try to nitch your way into customer service and begin your journey there.

This shows that SOE is a creat company, but the QA to whatever career isnt exactly usual in the industry.

First of all, you need to get your QA job at a Dev, not a Publisher, otherwise its much more likley that you are stuck at QA, or at least have no way to get into the actual development, as those guys are somewhere else completly.
Then, mind the numbers. You see that a whole bunch of our devs got their jobs by starting in QA, but what you dont know is the number of people who DONT get a designer job, and end up being QA forever, or just fail completly.

But yes, QA is an entry level job, and should be your first step if you cant get into the field you desire right away, means if you dont have a degree.

Did loads of research on the matter, ended up realizing that Germany seems to suck to get your butt into the industry. Gonna figure out how to afford to get myself a Game art Degree. Got a plan, just need to make sure i dont end up broke. :/

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