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[citation needed]

They're running. You can see their legs quite clearly.

You're the one who linked to the shitty no-name website that doesn't have any actual evidence of anything. And who really cares, anyway? Would that picture being fake mean that no Palestinian civilians ever get nearly killed by Israeli missiles?

So an Israeli illegally moves into a Palestinian neighbourhood after the building's former owners are either paid to leave or forcibly evicted, and then they complain about how they're not safe because the Palestinians try to attack them. You seriously do not see the problem here? Maybe if the settlers don't want to get attacked they should stop settling in the occupied Palestinian territories. Someone get Netanyahu on the horn, we've really cracked the case with this one.
You dont understand one thing...
They are orthodox ****!,they believe that those territories are part of Israel (They also believe jordan and sryia are part of israel too).
And we all know religous people are kinda crazy when you try to interfere with their faith.
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