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Post TR Briggs [looking for mature players for regular broadcast ]

Looking for mature players for For the Terran Republic 505e combined Battalion
tactical gameplay is our thing
we fight without blaming lag and things if you die take it
we fight in formation and sqaud tactics
with a US military Chain of command
events (battles / promotions / etc. ) will be announced on the clansite

why join us
because if your alone and have to join these automatic picked sqauds
with unmature players you wont even have the slightest chance of making a difrence in the world of planetside 2
fun is our standard so dont expect be on time or get kicked situations
we are here for fun too you know .

clansite :
games will be recorded for twitch channel

1 skype
2 a mic
3 good sense of humor
4 no skill at all
5 skill
6 friendly at some level
7 a decent internet conection so you dont lag behind
8 a english vocabular

wanna apply
skype Lars0475320999
mail [email protected]

greetz and game on Larson

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