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Originally Posted by Kipper View Post
I'd really appreciate if some of you Facebook users out there would go and hit the "like" button on the new page for PS2 Stats; mainly so that I can secure the unique URL

There's also a poll on there, whichever faction wins when I close it Sunday gets to own the cover photo for the page. I was kinda hoping for a TR victory, but NC are making a late push for victory......

Don't forget you can also follow @PS2Stats on Twitter, and there's a Google+ page too.

I'll be opening up the site to user registration in the near future, not that there's much to see, but its all good prep so that as soon as we have some data feeds, work can start on integrating them!
You know how much I have been slated for promoting PTV then you get away with this!!!

Ohhh Myyyy Godddddd!!!!

Kidding "liked"
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