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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

One thing I'd like to see is the observers to color their factions. It's very hard to tell which faction I'm looking at when they all have the same default squad colors (one of which is purple), and sometimes the VS are blue, and sometimes the TR are blue, sometimes they're red, sometimes they're purple...I think that needs to be calibrated to faction colors.

Specifically, I recommend:
1) Whatever platoon the observer is in, change all squads to be the same color, which is the faction color of the platoon.
2) In the interface, turn on Faction Colors for friend/foe indicators, so TR are always Red, NC are always Blue, and VS are always purple regardless of observer.

The result would be that all colors are calibrated to be faction colors, so regardless of which observer we are looking at or what squad they are observing, a blue color is NC, a red color is TR, and a purple color is VS so it is clear to viewers which faction they are seeing.

Also when switching observer cams, or when moving from facility to facility, it would be nice to zoom out to the map, and then zoom into the new location so we can see where in the big picture the action is happening to help keep perspective. It also reinforces the scope of the battle and the scale of the fighting.

And finally, for the early air battles, please spend more observer time on those. Very cool to watch but I didn't think there was much observer time on it at all, especially in the opening.

I think those air battles are one of the more interesting and unique things in PlanetSide 2 compared to COD or BF. It's completely nuts Battle of Britain and we have to see that whenever its happening. Since the initial air clash seems like a consistent trend it's a great opener to the match. In that respect the 2nd half was a lot better, nice blend of covering what's happening in the air and the ground.
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