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Re: Equipment/Weapon slots, more than two sizes this time?

Originally Posted by Sovereign View Post
Oh hell yeah, would be astounded if they did take a page from BFBC2 that way but it would make for a better play experience.

Less time having to fool with convoluted inventory system and more time being able to blast away with my favorite boomsticks without woe wardrobe incompatibility makes the game all the more enterprising..
You know, it really says something when the average gamer things removing cool features that dumb down the game actually improves the game.

Originally Posted by wildcat140679 View Post

Rexo’s running around with Heavy Assault and an AV weapon is now a day’s a very common sight, including myself. But there are many times, I wished this wasn’t possible for I kind of believe it had a negative effect on game play. When planetside just got released and people where still relatively low in battle rank, the game felt more balanced, only because people didn’t have the certification to carry everything around yet. A single MAX unit was effective against infantry indoors, for only a few where packing AV. Now a MAX is less scary, for the second it shows up on radar or people get a glimps of him, it’s not just one or two players in the mob switching to AV, but nearly everybody to over exaggerate a little bit =D
I take it you don't play Planetside? I was on last night trying to take a tower from the NC... the scatmax is still plenty scary.

Sorry that your max doesn't allow you to kill multiple people at the same time! Sounds like you think everyone having HA/AV is unbalanced because they can kill you. And what strange world do you live in where having HA/AV is having "everything"?

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