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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Ya nice mockups, but I don't see what you are achieving with them.

Lets start with the basics:

1) What problem are you solving?

2) What are your design goals in solving said problem?
1) Stalemates mainly and hopefully mixing up the map a bit. As much as I loved Planetside the game gets boring taking over the same bases again and again. What I propose will hopefully take the edge off the repetitive nature of the game by allowing some randomness to enter the equation. Don't get me wrong the whole hex and resource system adds a lot to the game and will extend the life of the game. But it will eventually become repetitive again with static footholds.

2) My main goal would be to remove any sort of static foothold. I like some of the other ideas as well like a rotating airship, space stations. Basically anything that opens up the map completely and gives people a option to come in from a different side is good. It's also a good way for SOE to have something else to customize. For instanced they could have it so you customize your FOB using in game resources. Maybe even upgraded with different attachments like air/land vehicle pads, shields, turrets, futuristic sandbags whatever. Build it up your way. Perhaps even have the ability to deploy multiple FOB's together to create some sort of player made base or an outfit base.

Originally Posted by Stardouser View Post
Don't suppose you could make a mockup of how many total bases could be expected in any given area? For example, zoom in on the red area of this picture and show a breakout of what the spread of capturable areas might be.
It's hard to do without a more detailed image. I used the image below to create the outlines and you can see the main bases are in each of the larger hexes but the smaller bases and towers are a little more difficult to see exactly. So I might be guessing a bit. Actually I just notice I got one of the areas wrong. There should be a third base for the TR. So it's 3 large bases to each foothold. That makes more sense.
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