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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

Might want to shorten the show to two 25 minute halves.

Each team gets to defend a base of their choice. And it can be the same one if they wish. If you feel certain bases are too campy or something, you can eliminate them from being picked. Give them a list they can choose from in the rules.

That way you have less downtime and prep time. Once each half starts, you have 25 minutes of good fragging without much delay. And you can have the interviews at the start, half, and end. Those were fun to listen to.

15 minutes felt a little short. And if you introduce periodic scoring, or some other idea, you will have a more balanced event.

Realistically if there were no issues the show would be about an hour and 10 minutes long. But we know it never works that way, so it'd probably be 1.5 hours and that's about right.

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