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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

I agree with Sardus & Robo about the scoring. In fact, I commented in TS post-match that it felt kind of silly fighting for so long when only the last 60 seconds really mattered.

I have a few years past experience in competitive gaming, and, maybe I'm getting old, but that event was too damn long, lol. It's hard to stay "up" that long continuously. While there were numerous delays due to technical issues, the official breaks were 5 minutes, so we were sitting there tensed up (at least I was) for going on 4 hours. While I used to go on 12-hour marathon GvG matches in the original Guild Wars, we'd still stop for 20-30 min or so every few hours, take care of eating & the like, then queue back up.

Playing was a lot of fun, and I hope most of it was fun to watch, but I don't feel like anything was really "decided" by the match, if that makes any sense. Without having development powers, I don't know how even a playing field you could potentially provide or how to really measure effectiveness when the main game doesn't really support even-Steven, equal teams competitive gameplay. Battle Islands on PTS will probably help a bunch.

Until then, I would suggest you guys choose the two (or simply one) bases that will be used, and announce them well in advance. In this fashion, you can choose bases that will be more or less balanced in attack and defense and suited to the number of competitors. The teams will be able to form some interesting strategy in advance, and then we'll see who can adapt the best when their marvelous plans break down, lol.

Thanks for all the hard work y'all are doing for the community.
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